Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Canada's New Groundhog

Last summer Wiatron Willie the Canadian weather groundhog died. But there is a replacement. Our MIA Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. After all she is not concerned with greehouse gases but with smog and the weather.

October is the new groundhog month that time of the year when our MIA Environment Minister appears. Last week she showed up before the house committee on the Environment, this time she appeared on CBC.

Wow twice in a week. I wonder if she saw her shadow?

Doesn't matter what she says, she lies. All we want from her is her resignation.

Ambrose defends smog plan in face of criticism
Environment Minister Rona Ambrose defended the government's environmental plan Wednesday as critics warned against setting emissions targets according to industry growth.
Ambrose defends smog plan in face of criticism

You know how to whistle don't you,
put your lips together and blow.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's new green plan is a "hot-air" approach that would continue to accelerate the devastating effects of global warming by giving major industry polluters an easy ride, leading Canadian environmentalists said Tuesday. Tory green plan full of hot air

Of course we know who likes this plan the only folks the Conservatives have consulted.....PM's air pollution plan gets early nod from business




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