Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Send Fentie To Negotiate With the Taliban

The Yukon has re-elected Canada's only sitting Narco Premier. Yukon Party gets majority

It shows Canadian values are not Conservative values. They want a war on drugs, we reward drug dealers by electing them as politicians.

Dennis Fentie, who began his career in crime, which is the origin of all primitive accumulation of capital,
had been convicted and spent time in prison for heroin trafficking in 1974

Of course as a smart pusher he didn't use. He
went on to to use his wheeling and dealing skills in Construction, another business that is part of the under the table/ underground economy. And his natural instinct for opportunism, going from the NDP to the Yukon Party to Premier, makes him perfect for the job.

So lets get him to negotiate with the poppy growers in Afghanistan.

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