Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Green Pragmatism

May softens Green view of seal hunt
Elizabeth May, who was elected party leader in August, said she supports a limited hunt."I'm probably the only leader of the Green Party of Canada that has friends who are sealers, [so] I'm going to take a very different view on this," said May, a native of Cape Breton.

Well its about time considering the decision on the Seal Hunt was made by the executive committee during last election without consulting the base. As a result it meant the Green Party candidates in Newfoundland quit rather than run a sure fire losing campaign.
Green Opportunism

Besides as I have documented here the original Greenpeace Seal Hunt campaign was organized in cooperation with the sealers, aimed at a program of sustainable quotas and reductions.

Once the campaign was hijacked by Paul Watson and his Sea Sheperd society, Greenpeace abandoned working with the sealers and went on its all or nothing campaign opposing the hunt and caricaturing the sealers as neanderatals.


Seal Hunt

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