Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NAFTA To The Rescue

For those on the left who denounce NAFTA it is always interesting to see that they use the side agreements for progressive aims. Labour has used the labour side agreement, now the environmental lobby is using the environmental side agreement. Maybe NAFTA is useful, hmmm. Thats its contradiction. It can be used by both activists and capitalists to their own ends. In this case the New Government of Canada stands to be embarassed on the global stage, and rightly so.

Canada isn't living up to its own laws meant to protect endangered species from extinction, Canadian and American environmental groups charge.

Sierra Club of Canada and Friends of the Earth, have filed a formal complain against Canada with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation for North America, an inter-governmental body with senior representatives from Mexico, Canada and the United States set up under the North American Free Trade Agreement. The commission's web site says it is investigating the complaint against Canada.


Endangered Species


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berlynn said...

Who knew there'd be a useful use for that bunch of words?!?