Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blaming The Victim

This is rich;Consumers to blame for botulism outbreak, juice maker says

No matter what the food faddists and vegans say there is nothing morally superior or politically correct about Organic Farming Corporations they are just like any other corporation.

Of course the facts state otherwise. But PR is all about spin not facts.

Alain Charette, a spokesman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said it will be some time before officials can pinpoint what precisely caused the outbreak. He also noted that the toxin can spread when a product hasn't been stored at a proper temperature, but said it must have been present in the juice in the first place.


Organic Botulism

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lucky for me I never bought that PC juice. Anything "organic" that is mass-produced and packaged in plastic seems a bit anachronistic to me. I'm wondering why the label didn;t have this warning: "Put this juice in the fridge dummy or you will die!"