Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fear Of Women

Here is a revealing statement from Japan in response to the growing social equality between men and women. A concept that of course challenges the very basis of the social construct of masculinity. Is it any wonder that fascism is not just a political economic system but a psycho-social construct to defend the fragile male ego and its artifical gender construct. To define a relationship of equality as masochism, says much about the fragility of the masculine construct. It is the little man complex.

Japan's concept of free love lost in translation

Japan has also been swept up in the whirlwind of a "pure," or true love boom, the weekly says, adding that it's probably the result of more guys obeying whatever women tell them to do.

"Recently, there have been more guys who make masochistic statements. Actions that would once have been regarded as girly are common and men find life easier if they do what women want," columnist Asato Izumi tells Weekly Playboy. "We're living in an age where it's better off for men if they choose to live like masochists."

To reassert the little mans male authority, fascism, demands dominance over and the deeming of the other (women and girls) by making them the object and subject of the male warriors power. War is rape after all. And all other relationships of course would only belittle the power of the little man, making him a masochist.

Ex-Fukuoka TV reporter given 40-month prison term for gang rape

Wooden frieze carved into the side of the pulpit depicting Jesus standing next to a helmeted German soldier and Aryan women and children.


Rushton Is A Fascist

Life Is A Video Game

Nazi Gay Killer Wanted to be a Cop



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