Monday, February 27, 2006

Mormonism Cult of the Political Right

White patriarch with multiple wives, survivalist stocking the cellar for the second coming, armed to the teeth, ascending to heaven to become gods on their own planets. This is the cult of Mormonism, a rip off of Masonic fraternal secrets, with some pseudo Egyptology occult symbols cobbled together by a former table rapper and spirituralist named Joseph Smith.

There are thousands of Mormons in Canada, the majority of them live in Southern Alberta.

own (1991 pop. 3,480), SW Alta., Canada, near the U.S. boundary. It was founded in 1887 by Mormons from Utah under the leadership of Charles Ora Card, son-in-law of Brigham Young. The chief Mormon temple of Canada is in the town. It is a ranch and irrigation agriculture center. Nearby is the Blood Reserve, the largest reserve for Native Americans in Canada.

The Alberta PC's (Party of Calgary) and their government are riddled with them. They make up the right wing rump in cabinet and the back benches.

I went to the University of Lethbridge and during my time there the Moromons on campus along with other right wing nuts that populate this most Americanized section of the province, organized a petition to make mandatory student union fees, taxes as they called them, voluntary. Can you imagine if these guys had gotten into power in Ottawa, wait they have. Anyways they bankrupted the SU for a couple of years.

The Mormons base in Canada is Southern Alberta, it was their second home after the persecution and attacks on them in Utah. Like most of Southern Alberta it is home to many American based religious pioneers who moved north, such as the Christian Reformed Church. It is also a strong base for reactionary and conspiracy minded right wing fascists.

But Mormons disproportionately make up the right wing in North American politics. Which is ironic as this article explains.

The march of the Mormons

The Latter-day Saints are on the rise in the US, and a Republican named Mitt Romney has hopes of becoming the first Mormon president. But the church has one serious image problem: polygamy. Which is why HBO's new drama, about a man with three wives, is stirring up controversy. By Julian Borger

Oh did I mention their connection to the CIA or their taking over of Howard Hughes estate, or the fact that their sacred texts don't exist. And did I mention that they believe that when they die the elect men, not women, become the Gods, plural, in heaven.

The Mormons' True Great Trek Has Been To Social Acceptance
And A $30 Billion Church Empire

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