Friday, December 16, 2005

Same Sex Marriage is here to stay

Well its nice to know that I am not the only one who interpreted Harpers comments on Same Sex Marriage in the debate last night as being an admission it's here to stay. GayandRight also came to the same conclusion.

"Stephen Harper has said the magic words. He will NOT use the notwithstanding clause to eradicate the right to same-sex marriage. So, what Harper has done is historic - it really makes SSM firm, and it also shows that this is NOT an issue that he is willing to expend a significant amount of political capital on."

Yep Harper staked the homophobic right in the will hear the screaming start in the morning. Once a few pundits and media types realise how he has extracated himself out this mess. By saying the Supreme Court directed parliment to decide, which it has, and that he won't use the Not Withstanding Clause, its done, fini. Non issue in the election. Except for the right wing which has a faint hope clause that a private members bill to overturn SSM would pass in the house. Fat chance. And after last night No Chance.

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