Monday, December 11, 2006

Business Drafts Tories Kyoto Policy

The National Post reports that business leaders in Canada share the Harper Governments skepticism about Kyoto. Well considering they were the only folks the Tories consulted extensively with before producing their Hot Air Act it makes sense that they are all singing from the same song sheet. As Led Zepplin said The Song Remains The Same.....

While executives surveyed for a Financial Post poll by COMPAS and BDO Dunwoody would support steps to curb environmental damage, politicians need to come up with a different solution, the leaders say.

The Kyoto agreement, signed by Canada, drew one of the heaviest responses from business executives in the history of the poll.

On the topic of climate change, the panel seems to regard Kyoto as a bad treaty on a good issue. The majority of panelists view the reduction of fossil-fuel use as positive, but see the Kyoto agreement as an "ill-conceived document."

Seventy-nine per cent of panelists agreed moderately to strongly that Canada should gradually cut the use of fossil fuels, but make the reduction of poisons in the air, water and food chain a much higher priority; 60% agreed strongly to moderately that whatever solution is reached should not involve the ill-conceived Kyoto accord.




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