Monday, December 11, 2006

Ambrose Appears Contradicts Herself

Our very own groundhog of the Environment, Minister Rona Amborse finally appeared before the Environment Committee today having avoided meeting them twice last month. One would think that this was in an effort for her to actually brush up on her portfolio. But alas no such luck.

She announced she was calling for an audit of the Liberals Environmental programs, after they had been cut by her government.

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose promised Thursday new programs to encourage energy conservation -- and admitted her government axed popular Liberal programs immediately after taking office, without a comprehensive review.
Hmm whats that about shutting the barn door....shouldn't that audit have been called before they cut the programs?! Why of course.

But Auditor General Sheila Fraser said she hadn't heard from Ambrose on this. Hmmm.

Then Ambrose reveresed herself in mid sentence, after denoucning the buying of carbon credits from abroad, something the Tories said they would never do she then said
the government is open to funding greenhouse emissions-cutting projects abroad if they produce verifiable environmental benefits.

Wow talk about confusion. She was so confused her deputy minister had to take the mike and contradict Ambrose, telling the committee she had in fact given them the wrong information.

Maybe being a prop at the PM's announcements is actually the best place for her, because clearly when she opens her mouth she shows she doesn't know what she is talking about.

Which is just one more reason for her to resign.




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