Tuesday, July 11, 2006

War Resister Killed In Afghanistan

Is what the headline should read.

Instead of the apologistics of the Minister of Defense. This is Canada after-all and yes we can decide which missions we want to go on. Thank you very much.
Especially when our troops were lied to. Those who signed up under the impression our National Policy was Peacekeeping, now are working under the Harpocrites private agenda of War Making. They were mislead.

Soldier not misled: Minister
OTTAWA—Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has responded to a young soldier's concerns that he was "misled" about Canada's Afghan mission with a tough rebuttal of his own: "This is the military. "You don't vote in and vote out of operations. Family and friends have painted Boneca as a disillusioned soldier deeply unhappy about this mission. Their comments have highlighted the mounting stresses on Canadian troops caught up in fighting a shadowy enemy in scorching temperatures."He hated it over there. He was misled as to what was going to be there when he got there, and what he would be doing. He was very mad about it," Larry DeCorte, his girlfriend Megan's father, told the Toronto Star on Sunday. Indeed, Boneca was so unhappy with his mission, he had asked an army priest if talk of suicide would get him discharged, DeCorte said.

If not you will find soldiers committing suicide or fragging their officers. It is now time for the Left to call for general resistance by our troops in their own self interest; that is to get out of Kandahar alive. Calling for troop resistance now will save lives in the future.

The reality is that the war in Afghanistan is not a humanitarian mission but a continuation of the American War on Drugs.
Afghan drug policy costs Canadian lives: study

Canada's Afghanistan mission under fire

The Canadian government is in denial over the true perception of its troop deployment to Afghanistan's troubled Kandahar province, says the head of a European drug policy think-tank.Emmanuel Reinert, executive director of the Brussels-based Senlis Council, said he was taken aback by the virulent reaction to the group's report, which said Canadian soldiers and Afghan civilians are paying with their lives because of failing U.S. policies that focus on eradication of the poppy crop

Canada in Kandahar: No Peace to Keep - A Case Study of the Military Coalitions in Southern Afghanistan

New Field Report
June 2006

Canadian troops and Afghan civilians are paying with their lives for Canada's adherence to the US government's failing military and counter-narcotics policies in Kandahar. The US-led counter-terrorist operations and militaristic poppy eradication strategies have triggered a new war with the Taliban and other insurgent groups, and are causing countless civilian deaths.

To a large extent, it can be said that Operation Enduring Freedom and the related militaristic counter-narcotics policies are significant contributors to the current state of war in Kandahar and the other southern provinces.

Canada and the international community continue to unquestioningly accept America's fundamentally flawed policy approach in southern Afghanistan, thereby jeopardising the success of military operations in the region and the stabilisation, reconstruction and development mission objectives.

Full report (2MB, PDF)

Afghanistan & the Ghost of Kim

The drug trade is indeed a problem, but in large part because of the war. The Taliban initially suppressed opium production, but war, coupled with a failure to adequately fund a program aimed at weaning farmers off poppy growing, means Afghanistan is now once again the world’s largest producer of opium.

Opium profits not only fuel the insurgency, they fill the coffers of the U.S.-supported warlords who are once again in power. It was the corruption and violence of the warlords that originally laid the ground for the Taliban takeover. The only thing keeping the warlords in power today is the U.S. and NATO armed forces.

Actually rather than Kim, the Harpocrites war efforts in Afghanistan reminds me of another of Rudyard Kiplings stories; The Man Who Would Be King.

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PhillTaj said...

War Resister? He volunteered for christ's sake! And because he was a reservist, he would have had to fight to get sent off on deployment. Reservists aern't forced to go overseas.

You people. I swear to god.

Mark Dowling said...

I call bullshit. If he had refused the order to go on patrol, he could have been classified as a war resister. He was unhappy with how his mission was portrayed (apparently - I can tell you if my son was dead I wouldn't have the boy's uncle and girlfriend's father speaking to the media authoritatively) and maybe he was right to feel pissed off but it is a lie to call him a war resister - a guy who was on his second tour for god's sake.

Now this is someone you could call a war resister, not the cowards hiding out in Canada who volunteered then ran away but someone who will force America to face the reality of sending troops overseas. If you're going to pick someone to support your cause, pick him.

Mark Dowling said...

oh, and for "a left wing website", all these ad links and popups make yours the most capitalist blogsite I've ever seen!