Monday, February 27, 2006

Serving 6.5 Billion

The worlds population officially reached 6.5 billion human beings last weekend. And while the right wing decries the declining population in the West, caused of course by the very capitalism they embrace, the population continues to increase in the underdeveloped sections of the world. Which capitalism via globalization is only now begining to transform into industrialized nations.India to be most populous nation by 2050: US census body

Two major trends are seen in the current growing world population: relatively fewer in Europe and fast rate in developing countries. Experts say in the past 50 years, populations grew most rapidly where such growth can be afforded the least.

The Big Crunch: Here's some good news Malthus was wrong. When the world's population hits 6.5 billion people tonight, calamity will not be on our doorstep. But that doesn't mean that population factors are not part of the mix of problems that humanity will be facing in the coming decades.

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