Wednesday, January 26, 2011


One could be forgiven for thinking that Canada Post will now enter the New Age with Quantum Transformational Holistic Postal Delivery under its new CEO Deepak Chopra. But No it turns out the new CEO of Canada Post is not that Deepak Chopra....

Deepak Chopra heads Canada Post -- no, not that Chopra

In Israel the largest government sponsored P3 oil/gas company is called Delek, pardon me if that does not remind me of the Daleks in Dr. Who....Israel’s gas market has soared to the top of the national agenda in recent weeks on the backs of the Sheshinski Committee recommendations and the dramatic findings related to the Leviathan natural gas field – the largest discovered in the last 10 years worldwide.

Now Leviathan is another synonym with several meanings a whale or sea monster in the Old Testament and the overwhelming power of the State according to Hobbes... Which seems totally apt in this case.