Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Israel Murders Innocents

The Zionist War State in Occupied Palestine murdered eight more innocent civilians today.

While denying having murdered another eight over the weekend, while they were on the beach.

That assault was overlooked in the press frenzy over another precision bombing, that was less than precise, in this case in Iraq.

Now with President Bush in Baghadad this story will probably be overlooked.

Children murdered by the Zionist State is less important news than a car bombing in Israel. Where is the outrage? The demands to the UN, the international threats to boycott or bomb or invade?

Because as Zionist apologists like Warren Kinsella remind us there are no innocent Palestinians.
IAF: Hurting civilians was inevitable

Israel missiles kill 10 in Gaza
Eight Palestinian civilians were killed and more than 40 wounded Tuesday by an Israeli missile strike on Islamic militants riding in a van that Israeli officials said was carrying rockets to launch at Israel. Two men in the van were also killed, including a noted rocket maker.

Israelis deny slaughter in Gaza Times Online
ISRAEL denied responsibility yesterday for the explosion on a Gaza beach last week that killed eight Palestinian holidaymakers, but failed to offer an alternative explanation for the tragedy.
And while we are at it the Zionist Occupying State is now interfering in the internal affairs of the Palesitinian authority with the support of the U.S. of course. What they couldn't get done through democratic elections they will do through civil war! Hello where is that outrage?!

Olmert approves arms shipment to boost Abbas

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