Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Harpers P3 Scandal

This is rich. Two newly appointed Harper bueraucrats, who come from the private sector, in charge of selling off or leasing out Government buildings, went to England to investigate the success (sic) of their Public Private Partnerships (p3's)

Of course the many cases of the failure of P3s was never on their agenda. And apparently neither was actually talking to anybody, it seems that their draft report came from pro-privatization websites.

They took a vacation in England with their wives. Nice job if you can get what was that about transparency, accountability....sounds like the same old pork to me.

And like the Liberals its business as usual with our reinventing Government Harpocrites who are pushing privatization and Public Private Partnerships.

And thanks to these guys greed and stupidity this backroom P3 plan may never have been publicly revealed. Instead their report would be issued justifying the governments move to privatize goverment buildings, as if it was factual.

When two-high ranking federal advisers left for London in June, the stated purpose was to learn about British experiments in public-private partnerships. In particular, the trip by Public Works advisers David Rotor and Douglas Tipple was marred by a series of cancelled meetings, forcing Canadian diplomats and senior officials to send six letters of apology to their British counterparts.

Mr. Rotor and Mr. Tipple arrived in London with good credentials, having been hired to overhaul Ottawa's procurement and real-estate businesses through a head-hunting firm that was paid $230,000 for its services.

And while their salaries are confidential, they are each paid more than $100,000 a year, in line with salaries in the private sector.

Upon their return to Canada, Mr. Rotor and Mr. Tipple prepared a 10-page document under the heading "U.K. Trip Notes — June 2006," which has started circulating throughout the government.

The 4,500-word document provides a summary of the information gathered overseas by the two special advisers. About 1,800 words of the document – or 40 per cent of the total trip report – consists of direct and edited excerpts from outside reports available at two British websites: and

However, there is no indication in the report that some of the material comes directly from either website.

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foottothefire said...

After all these months I've finally learned that I didn't have to work at exposing the 'new' Conservatives for what they are; given time alone the temptation to be themselves would save many of us a lot of trouble.

Daz said...

Perhaps some research is order before you post.

Tipple was hired in Oct 2005

Rotor was hired in Jan 2006
(h/t Lance)

So, at least Tipple was a Liberal appointee, with the possibility of Rotor being one as well.

Now, I agree with you that this is a waste of money, etc. But you could try and reel in your venom for Harper a little.