Sunday, August 20, 2006

Your Sunday Bible Reading

It's Sunday and fellow blogger Ianism provides us with this pithy bible quote from the Old Testament, on the importance of Ishmael the son of Abraham and the current Arab Israel conflict over nationhood. Not a biblical quote you will read in a Michael Coren column.

The muslims view themselves as followers of the book, the Old Testament, thus they and the Jews are descendants of Abraham.

Call Me Ishmael.

Is the opening line of the Great American classic novel; Moby Dick. Showing that in the 19th Century Orientalism, was present in American literature.

The Great White Whale is of course a metaphor, one that could be applied to the current situation of the US in Iraq.

apocalyptic components of Melville's novel to the foreground. A novel that uses the Pequod as a microcosm of American diversity-in terms of class and race-ends with the destruction of that symbol. Furthermore, as Lakshmi Mani proposes in The Apocalyptic Vision in Nineteenth Century Fiction, Melville's apocalyptic ending relies on the vast ocean as the site of imperialist conquest and its failure, The Cold War's "undigested apple-dumpling": Imaging Moby-Dick in 1956 and 2001,

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