Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Winning Friends

This is not way to win friends.....Quit crying, Musharraf tells Canada

"We have suffered 500 casualties," he said. "Canadians may have suffered four or five." Musharraf said any nation, such as Canada, that enters a war-torn area must be prepared to suffer casualties or get out of the operation. "You suffer two dead and you cry and shout all around the place that there are coffins," he said. "Well, we have had 500 coffins."Musharraf defends war effort, downplays Canadian losses

Yeah he can't quite get the number of Canadian dead right, first he says two then four....but that can't compare to his 500...that is after all only 100 per that's worth crying about....obviously most of those died probably from accidents, and friendly fire if stats work out....

Graham condemns Musharraf's comments Well somebody had better because there was nary a peep out of the PM's office or the New Conservative Government....does that mean they agree with tough guy dictator Musharraf?

Nor is this fueding with Karzai....Canada's new friend.....

He also rejected speculation that the Taliban leader Mulla Omar was hiding in the Baluchistan regional capital of Quetta in western Pakistan and called it a ridiculous statement.He said Taliban were not operating from Pakistan, they are operating from inside Afghanistan.

What Musharraf is lying about is the relationship his government and army has in supporting the Taliban and Pashtun rebels in Baluchistan where he conviniantly assissinated their mutual enemy and greatest threat... the leader of the autonomous movement of Baluchistan.

"None of this is true and Karzai knows it," he said. "He is not oblivious to what is going on in Afghanistan. He knows that the drug trade is financing the Taliban. He knows that this is not a problem created by Pakistan. But he is turning a blind eye. He is like an ostrich with his head buried in the sand."

Blind eye? Ostrich? I think he meant bat. Oh yeah he was on John Stewarts Comedy News Show...wait he said this on CNN....guess its all reality TV to him as he does the book tour with his new biography which has been taken off the shelves for its lies. This guy just can't help lying...its cause he is a dictator you can dress him up in a business suit but he is still not a democrat.

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"What President Karzai is very cleverly hiding is the fact that all this is happening in Afghanistan, in the southern provinces of Afghanistan," Musharraf said.

Musharraf is right about one thing that this is a general Pashtun uprising. And Karzai knows it and that is why he is less emphatic about the Taliban and generalizes about terrorism. When in fact this is a general revolt against his government.

"He doesn't want to tell the world what is the facts for his own personal reasons. In the governance of Afghanistan is there a certain community which is feeling alienated and this country has 50 to 60 per cent representation of Afghanistan and that is his problem. He has to balance out and he is not being able to do that and, therefore, he is trying to hide that everything is happening in Pakistan. If you keep going wrong, I have been telling the world for three months, "we are delaying we are getting late" all of this that I've read is what is happening in Afghanistan, in all the provinces. This is a movement going on. This is a Pashtun uprising," said the General. Motormouth Mush calls Karzai ostrich

But despite that fact Musharraf regime is the one that nurtured the seperpent at its breast and still does. Karzai said: “On the remarks of my brother, President Musharraf, Afghanistan is a country that is emerging out of so many years of war and destruction and occupation by terrorism and misery that they brought to us.

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