Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tory Losers

Liberals, Bloc win byelections, May finishes 2nd

Well this says alot about the New Government of Canada. They can't win byelections after nine months in power. Even with a right wing parachute candidate in London, handpicked by the PMO with support of paid government hacks. Of course they also didn'tdare run their unelected Senator/Cabinet Minister in Quebec. And Elizabeth May despite being a parachute candidate made a good showing. Strategic voting would have helped May win.

So will Garth Turner be the first Green MP now? Well the party has shifted to the right with its appointment of the former leader of the BC Green Party as its Deputy Leader.

The London byelection shows the NDP have the Green Party to worry about.

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Michael Fox said...

Wow, the Liberals held on to a seat that they've held for 2 decades. Are we supposed to be impressed?

As for the Greens, they should be happy about this. This is as close as they'll get to parliament.

Larry Gambone said...

If Greens don't ever get a seat it will be because of the corrupt, authoritarian nature of our political system, not from lack of support. That 10% of the population is denied a seat in parliament shows what a pseudo-democratic fraud it is. Greens hold seats in evdery European country, except the UK which still clings to first-past-the post.


It was not a given that the Liberals would win. And the Tories knew that which is why they parachuted high profile Haskett into the race. And Joe Fonata lost his Mayorality bid. So all bets were off. The fact that May took votes away from the Conservatives is ignored by TT.


And I agree with Larry, proportional rep and electoral reform, including abolition of the Senate, are the real political agenda in Canada.