Friday, January 20, 2006

Jaffer and his Blogger are Spooked

In an Edmonton Journal riding profile for Edmonton Strathcona Rahim Jaffer admits the NDP campaign has him spooked. Spooked. Let me repeat that for all you disbelievers out there, spooked. What was that about a spectre haunting ....oh never mind.

And if Jaffer is spooked Edmonton Strathcona rightwhingnut blogger The Third Edge of the Sword ( aka
Feynman and Coulter's Love Child) is even more freaked.
He is freaked Jaffer would admit this, then he is freaked at the Layton rally held a stones throw away from his house, where Jack announced that this WAS the riding the NDP were fighting to win.
  • Jack Layton is predicting an NDP win in Edmonton Strathcona. Dear God, lets hope he's wrong. That's my riding, for Pete's sake. (He said it at Bonnie Doon Community Hall too, which I could hit with a baseball from home. Stupid work).
  • Jaffer confirms that concern in today's Riding Profile of Strathcona in the Journal. Shit.

Freaked the poor bugger. Say TTEOTS you want to vote for a winner or a wiener. Nah guess we can't convince you to vote NDP. Well at least we know you won't split the vote by going Liberal. I have TTEOTS as a disparaging fan of my blog.

And what can I say, the Linda Duncan Webperson who surfs the blogs for the Citizen Media section , scroll waaaaay down the In The News page it is under Mainstream Media, actually linked to TTEOTS blog.A blog that hates the NDP with a passion. Now that's cheeky.

19 January 2006
. And conservative blogger Feynman and Coulter's Love Child is spooked by all the talk of an NDP win in his riding.

Yep Linda's campaign is NO FEAR. I am impressed.

SEE Edmonton Strathcona

SEE Linda Duncan


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