Monday, August 13, 2007

Crushing Criticism Of Conservatives...

By Capitalists

The honeymoon is over for Stephen Harper's Cabinet, according to Canadian business leaders who believe the current government has done little to differentiate itself from its Liberal predecessor.

"The overall feeling is this is a Liberal government in Conservative clothing," COMPAS founder Conrad Winn said. "That came in pretty loud and clear."


The panelists regard taxation as the most important priority affecting their evaluation of the Conservative government. "Tax policy is a joke and undermines the confidence of business in relying on an understanding government, which it is not," one respondent said. "There seems to be too little thinking about repercussions about tax changes and more bowing down to policy wonks. They are not living in the real world."
Looking forward to the cheerleaders at the Blogging Tories response to the voice of capitalism criticizing their party of choice.


Can't Get No Respect

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janfromthebruce said...

Are they saying that liberals are just conservatives cross-dressing as NDPers? Who would have ever thought of that!! said...

Liberals are the worst politicians in the world.