Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alberta Tories Battle Weather

Its -20 below and its voting day in Alberta for the man who would replace Ralph. Will it affect the polling turn out. You bet. And it makes it better for Dinning than his opponents like Morton and Oberg who are relying on the rural vote.

Cold weather may affect turnout

A political science professor said Saturday's forecast of temperatures no higher than -20 C could hurt turnout at the polling stations.

Roger Epp of the University of Alberta said thousands of Progressive Conservative memberships have been sold to the province's rural residents, but frigid temperatures could make getting those voters to the polls a challenge.


Conservative Leadership Race

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

I can also see the cold weather possibly either negating the need for a second ballot or having minimal effect on the potential of a second ballot.

If you aren't voting for one of the Top 4 or 5 (Morton, Dinning, Oberg, Norris, Stelmach?), why brave the shit outside?

This could end up being a 29/26/24/(bunch of numbers below 10) split, meaning there won't be a lot of predictability in 2nd ballot results based on recommendations. (ie. Its hard to gauge how many supporters Hancock has since not many of his voters would have bothered to show up).


Hancock is a liberal, far more so than any of the other candidates including Dinning. His support was and is limited to his riding and the Millwoods area of Edmonton. Norris is THE Edmonton candidate, supported by the Edmonton Sun ,Mike Nichols and his Stickmen, and the business community. He too will lose. It shows how little real power Edmonton and its business Conservative members have in the PC's. Edmonton will not effect the leadership race until the second ballot.