Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tories Hot Air Plan The Facts

Report confirms Tory's green goals unreachable

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's goal of slashing Canada's greenhouse gases in half by 2050 will be out of reach by the time industries are forced to deliver concrete reductions through regulation, suggests a new federal government report submitted to the United Nations. ''This is the first time (the Conservative government) has shown the numbers that confirm that we'll see no reductions and pretty significant increases until 2020,'' said Clare Demerse, a climate-change policy analyst at the Pembina Institute. ''This is supposed to be (a) demonstrable progress (report), but this is a demonstration of lack of progress.''

Well no surprise there. But here is a surprising admission from the folks who keep saying nothing got done for thirteen years.

Although it acknowledged previous programs and initiatives slowed down the growth in greenhouse gas emissions driven by a stronger economy, energy exports and the increasing population, the report offered few details about new measures to be launched in the future.

Right the Alberta boom and the contribution of smokestack industries increased our Greenhouse gases but some of the Liberal programs actually were effective. Until they were cut by the Tories. And more cuts are on the way. Even though these programs ARE effective by the Tories own admission. And that was also concided in the Federal Environmental report from the Auditor Generals office.

It's the Tories not so Hidden Agenda; to slash and burn all Liberal programs they disagree with ideologically, regardless of whether they are 'effective'.

Ottawa planning more cuts to climate-change programs

The Conservative government is planning a second wave of cuts to climate-change programs and is asking public servants to help manage the “fallout” by explaining why their positions should disappear.

Government officials who manage the programs in various government departments were told this week that climate-change programs extended by one year in April will not be renewed.

The officials are being asked to compile information as to who would most likely be affected and what their public reaction would be.

The project is being described internally as “government-wide” and The Globe and Mail was able to confirm that at least two departments, Natural Resources Canada and Agriculture Canada, were submitting reports this week.




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