Thursday, February 16, 2006

Still Waiting

Yep Canadians are still waiting for this......

The time for accountability has arrived.

On January 23rd, Canadians will finally be able to hold the Liberals accountable. Accountable for the stolen money; accountable for the broken trust; accountable for all that did not get done because this government has been totally preoccupied with damage control; lurching from one scandal to another; always trying to avoid the people’s verdict.

For those Canadians seeking accountability, the question is clear: Which party can deliver the change of government that’s needed to ensure political accountability in Ottawa? The change of government that will replace old with new; entitlement with accountability; benefits for some with leadership for all.

Yep which party is that?

At least they kept this promise "
benefits for some"

That sounds about right. Like these folks who have benefited from the 'new' government.

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