Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Meaning for Nanny State

Asper nanny stole $150K So the Aspers like many rich folks have a nanny. Usually they are indentured servants, slaves by any other name, who are not immigrants but brought here to work in the homes of the rich and wealthy. Nannies are the private version of day care. The difference is wealth. The Wealthy have always availed themselves of servants to take care of their children. So much for the conservative ideal of parents taking care of their children. For the rich its too much bother, they are much to busy.

Nannies face deporation if they take any other job and once their term as an employee of the family is over they are sent back home. In this case as with the vast majority of nannies in Canada they come from the Phillipines.

National Day of Protest: Stop the Unjust Deportation of Filipino Live-in Caregivers!

It is the largest labour market of women in the world, and all countries that import nannies do so as indentured servants. And the Phillipines government benefits from their exploitation abroad, by taxing them on the wages they make.

And when you consider the work that they are expected to do, which is wait hand and foot upon their masters this 'theft' is a small price to pay compared to what nannies are paid. Below minimum wage, since they are not covered by labour standards in Canada, in fact they are singled out for not being covered by minimum wage standards.

She tended to daily needs including taking the children to school and grocery shopping, defence lawyer Mike Cook said yesterday. "She was basically running the household," he said.

According to the affidavit, the nanny admitted to forging and cashing the cheques and said she sent some of the money to the Philippines to pay for her brother's medical expenses.

Considering the horror stories told by nannies about their employers this only makes the news because of the Family involved. The real story is the impovershment and exploitation that nannies face in Canada and around the world.

Filipino nannies in Canada: prisoners of legislated poverty
This is the model of child care that the Tories support and will support with their baby bonus benefit. It will be just enough to pay for the nannies of the wealthy, saving them the expense and the economic hardship.

Trust gut about nanny: expert
"Nannies are a great alternative to day care and they really do benefit the family. The bond with the children is phenomenal."

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