Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Timmies Takes Bite Out of Taxpayers

Tim Hortons for troops less pricey than reported Sure it was first reported that you and me, the Canadian taxpayer were in hock to Timmies for a cool $4 million for setting up their franchise in Kandahar for our troops.

Now the good news. We are only paying $1.4 million for this P3.

And while we pay $80,000 a month for the Timmies operation,
the gross profit for the Tim Hortons is five-thousand dollars a day.

But they did wave the franchise fee of $450,000. Gosh thats like well one third of what it's costing you an me to set up the franchise. And the fee waiver will probably be a tax write off. Mighty generous of them considering they are pulling in $150,000 a month. Can you say war profiteering.

You don't have to rrrrrroll up the rim to figure out whose the winner here.



Tim Hortons



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