Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is It Jim Or Ed, Ted?

Another Morton flip flop.

Reporters: Is Ed Stelmach in this race?
Morton: “He has a long way to come.”
Reporters : What does that mean? Is it a two-way or a three-way race?
Morton “I think it’s basically Jim or me.”

Morton: “The real race is between Ed and myself.”

So which is it Ted?

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Anonymous said...

Ted is a Mor(t)on. Simple as that.

The only thing is that his second observation is the correct one: I think, statistically, the second ballot will be fought between him and Stelmach.


How about calling him what he is Snortin Morton.

Anonymous said...

My favourite Morton flip-flop is the way he came out swinging at Dinning early in the campaign with labels like "liberal lite" and "paul martin clone". But when Dinning turned the game around and fired back with some harsh criticism of Ted's platform, Morton cried foul. Kinda like a heavyweight challenger who takes a couple of jabs, then retreats to the corner and tells the referee to make the other guy stop hitting so hard.