Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NDP Gain On Liberals

In the Quebec byelection. While it was a given the BQ would hold onto the riding, what is interesting is that the Liberals fell behind the NDP in votes.

As James Bow points out;
Liberal support dropped from 8.65% to 5.6%, putting them behind the NDP, whose support dropped more marginally from 7.74% to 7%.

The NDP are making gains in Quebec, slow and sure and the motion that passed this week had been reaffirmed at the NDP convention in the fall. So now Quebec has a federalist social democratic option to the BQ.





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Anonymous said...

Don't mean to break the NDP bubble, but your stats demonstrate that the NDP are STAGNANT in Quebec, and elsewhere in Canada for that matter.

What this does demonstrate is the continued REJECTION of federal parties in Quebec.

Just because the Liberals dropped behind the NDP, does not mean the NDP are gaining momentum. Now if the NDP had increased, I would agree with you. But the NDP's surpassing is based upon a continued bleeding of Liberal support, and nothing to do with any NDP gains.


The glass is half full