Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ted Morton Calgary Seperatist

Not satisfied with promoting Alberta Seperatism with his Firewall Alberta letter, PC leadership candidate, the Reform Republican, Ted Morton is now embracing the politics of two solitudes. If elected Alberta will have two capitals. One in Calgary and one in Edmonton.

"The future of Alberta in the coming decades is northern Alberta and Edmonton is the capital of northern Alberta,"
Morton told reporters yesterday at his Kingsway Avenue campaign office.

After all as wise Ted knows Redmonton is different from Houston North as night and day. And the logical conclusion of his seperatist politics is not only Firewall Alberta but Firewall Calgary.

Or as cheeky Edmonton Journal city hall columnist Scott McKeen opines;

Edmonton's to-do list, if Ted Morton becomes Alberta's next premier and the rebel south storms the legislature.

- Establish firewall around Edmonton. Like, a real firewall. Circle the barbecues, people.

- Ask Ottawa to declare Edmonton a nation, too

If all else fails: Run for your lives.

Or we could just try to relax. Because no matter what you hear this week, Ted Morton is not the devil. He is not Dick Cheney's evil twin. His election, if it happens, won't signal the coming of the apocalypse.

A Morton victory will, however, be a kind of prophecy realized.

The Klein Tories always had a southern, country bias. Morton's election will only clarify the Tory party's neocon, rural bent.


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Anonymous said...

Cool! Let's choose a name for Morton's new province. I think "Assiniboia" would be a good one....

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Ted Morton a separatist? Don't go saying great things like that, or my hopes will be dashed!