Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mr. Dithers Accidental War

In a damning indictment of why the Liberals are still dithering over Canada's combat mission in Kandahar, ex-PM Jean Chretien in his new autobiography lays the blame at the feet of Mr. Dithers.

As for Afghanistan, Chretien suggests that Martin is partly to blame for casualties because he "took too long to make up his mind" about Canada's role, and troops ended up being sent "to the killing fields around Kandahar."

Which I have pointed out here and here and here and here.

Martin's Liberal government got us into combat in Kandahar because they were so busy with maintaining their minority government which was about to fall. As Chretien points out our peacekeeping mission in Kabul was over and all that was left for us was IASF support in the 'killing fields of Kandahar" as he called it.

Martin was so focused on his Kelowna legacy, and Dion on his Environmental meeting in Montreal that gosh shucks the troops in Afghanistan were an after thought. Too late we were in an election, and so by dint of dithering our troops were stationed in Kandahar.

However Harper made much of Dithers error and made the war his own. Which is why this accidental combat mission became his cause celebre to create his image as a strong right wing leader.



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