Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yes We Have No Bananas

As students prepare to graduate from high school, those following in their footsteps will find themselves with less next year. Thanks to King Ralph and Company. Too Much Money Not Enough Education

'City students will suffer'
Edmonton Sun, Canada - 10 hours ago
By CARY CASTAGNA, Staff Writer. Edmonton students will suffer if the provincial government fails to come up with an immediate cash ...
Public school board awash in red ink
Fort McMurray Today, Canada - 16 hours ago
By PAULA OGONOSKI. Fort McMurray Today — A $1.9 million decision by the public school board could put trustees in hot water with ...
School boards deal with budget shortfalls, Canada - 17 hours ago
Public school boards in Calgary and Edmonton are contemplating cuts to deal with multimillion-dollar shortfalls.

Alberta schools losers in booming province's infrastructure ..., Canada - 4 Jun 2006
... But the struggles also exist in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. The Calgary Board of Education has a $425-million maintenance deficit for public schools and the ...

Pamela AndersonJune 5, 2006

Pamela Anderson says well maintained schools are important

EDMONTON -- In an exclusive commentary in the Sun newspapers on Saturday June 3, 2006, Canadian Superstar Actress Pamela Anderson, who is to be inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame this week, says; “We have great education. My schools were beautiful and well-maintained.” More...

And typical of King Ralph he blows his cool when he's found out. Just like he did over health care. And remember when he threw the book at.....the page.....yep when Ralph is found wanting he lashes back. Yep bring back the lash for dem' overpaid public school workers says high school drop out Ralph.

Klein lashes back at educators

Klein furiously fired back, saying teachers, unions and school boards may claim they are being forced to work with less, but the truth is they are only being asked to do with less than they would like, not less than they had before, said Klein.

"If you get a raise of three percent and you were expecting a raise of five percent, you are receiving less of more.

"It's less of what they would like ... because they want more of more, of more, of more.

"Whether it's education, health care, infrastructure, whether it's protection of the environment, everyone wants more, of more, of more.

"It's one of the problems of having too much money."

Yep thats a problem alright. Just like not having enough money apparently. So how come school boards are being funded like its 1993-1995 when we are rolling in money?

Cause we have a Repulican like education system in Alberta. Voucher funding which pays schools per student, private school funding, charter schools, schools competing for students, and no money for infrastructure repairs, though it has been promised since 2000.

As I have said here before planning is anathema to King Ralph and the Party of Calgary. They are stuck in the past, hold the line funding for the public sector while the coffers are open for their business pals.

Or maybe its just good old fashioned lame duck politics, we have to wait for the passing of Ralph and the annointment of this guy:

Jim Dinning announces his candidacy for leader of Alberta's Progressive Conservative party. (CP PHOTO/Jason Scott)

In a speech punctuated by shouts of "Hear, hear!" and "Right on!" the 53-year-old chairman of Western Financial Group said his campaign will focus on investing in education, making Alberta a leader in innovation and high-tech, preserving the environment and socking away money during the current oil-driven economic boom. He said he plans to make Alberta's workforce the most highly skilled on the continent.

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1 comment:

son of gaia said...

Yep - throwing the Liberal Party heath care booklet at the innocent page was classic classless Klein, not to mention classic "on-the-wagon drunk" behaviour. Unforgiveable buffoonery.

However...when Klein hurled the booklet he also shouted: "I don't need this crap". Later, he apologized for calling the Liberal health plan "crap" - but he shouldn't have because it IS crap.

I'm looking at a copy of it right now. Scariest health fascist manifesto I've ever seen. A blueprint for placing a veto over any and every significant legislation into the hands of an unelected technocrat. They even have the gall to state: "This won't lead to a super-charged Health Department, with life-and-death power over every government decision" - when that is precisely what they have described and advocated! And why would they feel compelled to insert such a disclaimer, unless it was blatantly obvious - from reading the statements preceding the disclaimer - that this is in fact their intention.