Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Return of Harry Strom

Fellow progressive blogger Ken Chapman whom the National Post called a Left Wing Conservative says that Farmer Ed's TV speech last night is the return of the Progressive Conservatives. What he really means is the Peter Lougheed Conservatives.

Premier Stelmach Brought Progressive Conservative Politics Back to Alberta Tonight

Well it sure did sound like the platitudes voiced by the old Lougheed government. However he is so bland and boring that despite the Lougheed platitudes he is actually the ghost of Harry Strom.

Nice try Ken. But you can't make a purse out of a sows ear. Or compare the dynamism that was Alberta in 1971 under Lougheed with the dour dull plodding regime of Tired Old Tories that now rules. Nice try though. And congrats for getting quoted in the Pest.

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1 comment:

kenchapman said...

Eugene - don't presume tomorrow is a repeat of yesterday. I have seen the Alberta PCs change dramatically at least 7 times in my association with them. Change #8 is on the way and Stelmach is not back to the future either...