Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally A BT Speaks About Chong

Joanne's Journey comments on the Chong resignation. But as I predicted she repeats Tory slanders now circulating about Michael Chong. "According to some insiders, ex-Minister Michael Chong was not completely above-board with the PM, and kept his cards close to his chest until the last minute. This contradicts Chong's story that he kept Harper well apprised of his concerns. There is also a dispute about how much the PM kept Chong in the loop ahead of time."

Jacks Newswatch also covered the Chong affair for all of one day, with comments. But his site was not showing up on the BT problems with their aggregator, and with stupid Pingomatic, (problems I am having too so I recommend Jack use Blog Flux).

The rest of the BT, well as I said before Silence is Golden or was it Silence is Death. Nope thats AIDS and we know where these dweebs stand on that.


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Joanne (True Blue) said...

I don't quite get what your problem is here, but my initial post on the subject was one of dismay. I regret the loss of Michael Chong as a Minister. I have met him on a number of occasions and have always found him to be warm and sincere. My second post merely pointed out another side to the story.

I have no idea which version is the truth.

But if you guys want to use this as some kind of partisan fodder, be my guest.


My problem is not with your post, but rather with the silence, and lack of posts from your compatriots, whom had it been a Liberal Government Minister who resigned, oh say over the Same Sex Marriage issue, would be going on, and on and on about it for days. Whereas they have nothing to say about Chong, and its implications for the government or what it says about Harpers authoritarian political style.

As for the Conservatives now attempting to correct the recond about Chong and Harper, well its a smear and I thought you at least would have pointed such and obvious fact out.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words: Chong will eventually be driven out of the party like Garth Turner. Harper cannot tolerate dissent, and anyone who talks back to him gets slandered, ridiculed and then kicked out of the party.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

well its a smear and I thought you at least would have pointed such and obvious fact out.

I have no evidence of that. Do you?