Friday, February 17, 2006

A New Gun Registry

Just as the Tories are planning to close one gun registry they may have to look at opening up a new one.

TO area mayors consider banning toy guns - 14 hours ago
Toronto area mayors are being asked to endorse a ban on kids possessing toy guns in public. Scugog Mayor Marilyn Pearce is leading the plan to prohibit anyone under 18 from having toy guns in public spaces.
Leave toy guns to parents Toronto Star
Toronto area mayors eyeing toy gun ban Edmonton Sun
Toronto Star - 640 Toronto - all 5 related »

Now this is just silly. Really silly. No I mean it. This is taking the whole gun thingee too far. After all its not toy guns that kill kids, its Cops.
As I have said before we should disarm the police if we really want gun control.

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Anonymous said...

i don't think disarming cops would be a good, having said that i think every canadian should have the right to have guns for protection and for sport

who's to say the mafia won't infiltrate the government, are the cops gonna protect us then, or will they be used to do the godfather's will?


Read my aritcle on disarming the cops, its beat cops I want to see disarmed,like the Bobbies in England were until the eighties.

Unknown said...

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