Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Making Lemonade Aid

It seems that I was correct about Canadian Blue Lemon. Despite comments to the contrary. When you find yourself attacked by your fellow Blogging Tories for making disparaging comments about the Harpocrites and their Calgary School pals you end up self censoring.

Brian Lemon has done just that on his website Canadian Blue Lemon. He has eliminated his 'offending' post criticizing Flanagan and Finley and the old Reform leadership he claimed has taken over the Conservative party. He has reposted this bit of historical revisionism. After the fact and post-dated.

Of course this is natural for conservatives and right wingers they love to revise history to fit their ideology. And when they are caught they whine they were misquoted.

So much for the principles of free speech on the right. The echo chamber that is the Blogging Tories have their own principles of Political Correctness and clearly Lemon violated those and suffered the consequences.

Lemon not only censored himself, shame, shame, but by posting his revised article and eliminating his original post, he has engaged in the old Stalin School of Falsification. Ironic that. Giving into peer pressure from his pals on the right Lemon is not only lacking in principles but gutless as well. No matter how he spins it.

And note to all readers and Mssrs Flanagan and Finley who seem to lay claim to Tory Blogs. I am an independent observer of the political scene in Canada that has an allegiance to conservatism in its best form and to the Conservative Party as its manifestation. But I do not receive and would not welcome any direction of my content by any party official. I will criticize our party without losing faith in the importance of our party leading the Canadian political agenda."
Blah, blah, blah. LOL. Stop it you are killing me.

Photos: Pictures that lie

Leon Trotsky. Now you see him. Now you don't. After he ran afoul of the Communist Party, Trotsky was eliminated from photos where he mingled with other officials. In other manipulated photos, the Soviets painted in the gaps for added realism.

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