Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jack Layton PM?

The headline is misleading. Harper may be way ahead of Dion but Jack is right behind him in popularity

And in Qubec Jack beats him, Dion and Duceppe (!!!!) in popularity.

If as the article says his popularity is only 'slightly more' than Harpers in Quebec the same could be said of Harper in the rest of Canada. He is only slightly more popular than Jack. If the upcoming election is about leadership Jack wins.

Harper is way ahead in race for best leader, says poll

Nationally, 63 per cent of voters gave Harper "great" or "good" leadership marks, compared with only 36 per cent for Dion.

NDP Leader Jack Layton scored 57 per cent.

In Quebec, Duceppe's leadership rating (63 per cent) was in a virtual tie with Layton's (64 per cent), and only slightly above Harper's at 61 per cent. Dion was last in his home province with 33 per cent.


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