Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tories Kill Kyoto

No, not Dion's Dog.

Canada's commitment to the Kyoto accord.

Had they killed his dog well then maybe he would have had enough principles to get mad and get even.

Dion's choice: Save the planet, or save his political ass

But somehow I doubt it, after all he has made his choice.

Dion pledges to ‘make parliament work'

Instead this staunch defender of Kyoto, the accord and his dog,
wimped out and the result was gales of laughter in the house today.

Tory laughter rains down on Dion

Dion drew the loudest laughs as he read press releases from environmental groups who accuse the Tories of cancelling Liberal programs and replacing them with inferior ones.

"And I quote the Sierra Club," Dion began.

"Federal programs were slashed and the importance of climate change was downplayed. An entire year was lost. End of quote.

"But I continue to quote the Sierra Club. . ."

Of course when you abandon your principles you deserve the cat calls.

Canada Liberals send PM lifeline
Dion has accepted a Throne Speech that Kills Kyoto, and his Party will sit on their hands to allow it to pass.

No retreat with honour for Dion

Harper's government a majority in all but name

Not because Canadians don't want an election, which is his excuse. But because the Liberals don't want an election. Showing that they are not only fiscally bankrupt but politically bankrupt as well.

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