Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doom IV: Kandahar

A cynical ploy or child abuse? Taking advantage of young boys who play first person shooter video games to entice them to fight and die in Harpers War.
It is obvious that the Canadian Armed Forces are desperate for new recruits.

Teenagers who enjoy first-person shooter video games can now test their aim at Canadian Forces recruitment drives.

It illustrates mock battle scenarios, inviting users to take hold of a variety of realistic-looking military weapons and shoot at a large, nine-foot screen when an enemy appears. The weapons are made of plastic, and make no sound.

It's been set up in the Regent Mall in Fredericton since Wednesday, close to a food court, video arcade and children's play area.

"Their eyes are drawn to the screen and guns. They all want to try it out," said game designer Brad Hetherington.

Players have to be at least 16 to pick up the guns and need parental consent if they are under 18.

The danger is that some of those who play these games and are recruited may get rejected by the military and end up doing this.

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