Saturday, February 25, 2006

Capitalism Kills

Often overlooked by the defenders and apologists of capitalism, is that the bottom line is just that the bottom line, and how profitable a company is, is more important than worker or public safety, as todays headlines show;

Hope fading for 65 Mexican miners

55 killed, 100 injured in worst garment factory fire in Chittagong

Building collapse in Dhaka kills 16, injures 45

Moscow police arrest director of collapsed market hall
Most of the victims of the collapse, almost all guest workers from former Soviet republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia, have already been identified by relatives and work colleagues.

The price of capitalist development understood as a whole, in its facets as development and underdevelopment, is unsustainable because it consists of death. As I have argued elsewhere (Dalla Costa M., 1995), a central assumption must be that, from the human viewpoint, capitalist development has always been unsustainable since it has assumed from the start, and continues to assume, extermination and hunger for an increasingly large part of humanity.
Mariarosa Dalla Costa, Development and Reproduction [.pdf]

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