Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Comments

Don't bother blogging if you are not going to allow the rest of us to comment on your comments. It just makes you look like an ass.

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Dr.Dawg said...

Well said. That practice on the part of some bloggers simply mystifies me. It's like standing on a roof thumbing your nose at people. Or babbling to yourself in a corner, which more exactly describes politiquevert. Why have a blog if you don't want others to comment? Terminal narcissism?

Oxford County Liberals said...

With all due respect, Dawg and Eugene, I disagree. If they don't want to deal with having to moderate the nuts or the spam that one nowadays gets from a blog, then that's their right, and I don't see it as detracting at all from their blogging (Impolitical is an example of a good blog who also doesn't allow comments).

IF you don't like what they have to say about someone or something, blogging a response and letting it show up on an aggregator like Prog Blog will more then get your retort out for other readers to see.

Sean S. said...

With all due respect Scott, I couldn't agree more with Eugene. If someone is going to constantly post musings that are usually filled with combative rhetoric and not defend themselves or ideas to those who disagree then they really shouldn't be on ProgressiveBloggers. That kind of action (not listening to others direct responses) is something I would expect to see on bloggingtories or alike.


If you write to raise discussion then you should allow discussion. Which is the premise behind blogging otherwise go create a news and opinion web page.

And you can always delete trolls and other pesky types from your comments.


I see he has posted about my comments on his blog. He seems to think that the only critics are Dippers. And to that end he repeats himself....

"P.S. I still think Jack Layton is an ass. But thats only my opinion."

.....showing he is still and ass.

Northern BC Dipper said...

Well, if one operates a blog, one should have the right to choose whether or not to have comments.

But as a person reading ones blog, if I not able to comment on ones post, then my entertainment value from reading that blog is decreased and in the future, I might not invest the time and bandwidth reading it.


Exactly my point.

Cliff said...

Good God yes, the particular blog cited has been irritating me for a while with it's cowardly invective while denying any opportunity for a response.

I've harshly criticized the Cons, the Libs and the Greens of late - but my comments field is open for supporters of those parties to respond - and they frequently do.

Lobbing the kind of childish spitballs poitiqueverte specializes in but being too timid to allow a response seems indicative of lack of confidence in the views expressed.

I recently came across a cruel but hard to dismiss description of the Green Party as the Jehovah's Witnesses of Canadian politics. Politquevert is like a particularly annoying visitor to the door who shouts at you on your front step for a few minutes about how wrong you are about everything and then scurries away in fear that you might present a counter-argument.

Cliff said...

Well She's closed her doors - dropped by this morning and the blog appears to have been erased altogether.

Don't know if its in reaction to calls like this that she allow the right to response if she was going to continue ad hominen attacks on Dippers, but Politiquevert is no more for now at least.