Friday, February 24, 2006

Prehistoric Frank and Gordon

Frank and Gordon the Bell Canada beavers, who have been making a nuisance of themselves during the Olympics as TV Ads, have a prehistoric relative.

The Jurassic Beaver.

Now wait a minute mammals weren't supposed to be co-existing with Dinosaurs. Well there goes another hypothesis.

Jurassic "Beaver" Found; Rewrites History of Mammals

See science, unlike religion which is faith based, can admit its mistakes. Science is not infallible, unlike the Vatican. Or the Bush Administration.

"The Bush administration rejects the scientific method," said Lewis Lapham, the editor of Harper's Magazine and author of the recent book "Gag Rule", which looks at how the U.S. government suppresses dissent and stifles democracy. The United States is entering into an era where faith is more important than fact and dissent is considered betrayal, he said. When it comes to research, the current administration has gone well beyond the traditional practice of politicians fudging the numbers to get the results they want, Lapham noted. "If science doesn't prove what it's been told to prove, then they (the Bush administration) believe it has been tampered with by Satan or the Democratic Party," he said.

In fact science is based on the idea of hypothesis, a thesis. Which is not a fact but a theory that arises from the existing facts and observations. Such theories change when facts change.

And while Frank and Gordon claim that the Beaver is Canada's national animal, giving us our distinct national character well that is about to be revised too.

Cause the Jurassic Beaver was found in China.

I particularly like this quote about how mammals evolved during the Jurassic, it has a certain ironic meaning in this age of theology over fact, morality versus reality. The whole family values issue can be seen in light of evolution, which is probably why the fundamentalist Christians go cuckoo over it.

The discovery shows that early mammals and their relatives were experimenting with different lifestyles from the start, rather than waiting for the decline of the dinosaurs before diversifying.

Yep we mammals are all about experimenting with Lifestyle choices. Unlike the Dinosaurs, or patriarchal religions. And we know what happened to the Dinosaurs. And Frank and Gordon, 'two male mammals in an ambigous relationship', are still around.

Original Press Release

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Dave said...

I always knew beavers at one time ruled the earth.


And you would know eh since your are or at least your blog is one.

Larry Gambone said...

Great story. Don't know how I missed the Jurassic beavers. Wonder if they built dinosaur-proof beaver lodges? One other thing, an "age of faith" is usually called a Dark Age.