Friday, August 18, 2006

A Hospital Named Ralph

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the PC's ( Party of Calgary) wants to name a Calgary hospital after King Ralph. For all his, failed, efforts to privatize health care in Alberta. How about this hospital...

When the Tories blew it up in 1998, for reasons of debt and deficit hysteria, not only was it unneccasary but it created a public health risk, that was little reported at the time.

And it is still is controversial;

Taft accuses the provincial Tories of gutting the Calgary Health Care systems."We are experiencing the terrible consequences of that decision. Blowing up the Calgary General Hospital was a catastrophic mistake and somebody needs to be held responsible. Same with the Holy Cross."

Of course if the Tories really wanted a Klein legacy they could name an airport after him.....Alberta buys new planes for gov't fleet

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