Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who Knew

Live blog of Conservative leadership vote, Canada - 3 hours ago
Calgary Herald Q Bloggers Ben Li and Maclean Kay will be filing real-time reports and video updates from the Round-Up Centre as we find out who the next ...

Really the Calgary Herald was live blogging were they, please note the time date of the posting above. As the political blogosphere, including yours truly, scrambled to find results for the Albert Leadership Race, these guys were apparentlylive blogging.

Except they didn't tell anybody, and they were anything but live since none of us knew about it. And they were not found when I googled. Until this morning.

Check out the postings at Progressive Bloggers, Blogging Tories and the Canadian Blog Exchange. Folks posted information from QR77 and other sources not these dweebs.

The point of live blogging is that it is live, at the time, accessible on the internet, not published posthumously. Typical MSM psuedo-blogging.


Conservative Leadership Race

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