Sunday, November 04, 2007

Awfully Quiet Over At BT

The Blogging Tories sure are quiet about the recent Harpocrite announcement on capital punishment and the death penalty. Quiet as the grave. No cheers, no wombat pronouncements, just silence. Not a peep. Well except for Dust My Broom, who without any comment, how unusual, posted the news story on the announcement. Dust my Broom - Harper denies Tories want to bring back death penalty

Check for yourself;

Search BT for death penalty

Search BT for capital punishment

And no comments on the fact that their pals on the right in the media have been denouncing the Harpocrite decision.

Perhaps the echo chamber of rightwhingnuts does not want to expose its deepest hope that with a majority the Harpocrite Law and Order government will return the death penalty for abortion.


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1 comment:

Werner said...

Hmmm ... the plot thickens. Now if we could only raise the spirit of Count von Schulenburg (opps, sorry Halloween is over). Now if remnants of the old PC party could develop a little backbone ...