Monday, November 27, 2006

Kill Em All

In a Globe and Mail Special reporter Grahame Smith interviews two Taliban fighters. They explain the difference between the American and Canadian military operations against them.

"There is a big difference between Canada and the United States," Mr. Azizullah said, tapping his fingertips together in a pensive gesture. "If we attack the Canadians, they call for aircraft and bomb everything in the area. The U.S. only tried to kill the Taliban. The Canadians try to kill everybody."

Makes ya proud don't it. Yep winning the hearts and minds. Not. It's called total war.

Oh and for all those pro-war folks who keep refering to NDP leader Layton as Taliban Jack for calling for withdrawing our troops to Kabul and promoting peace negotiations well.....

Mr. Azizullah made clear that he watches Afghanistan's political scene carefully. He gave a current example: Burhanuddin Rabbani, Afghanistan's former president and a prominent warlord who now serves as a member of parliament in Kabul, recently told Afghan journalists that his associates are talking to the Taliban, but he didn't give details about the negotiations. Most of the Taliban are ethnic Pashtuns from the country's south and east, and the upsurge of violence this year has been concentrated in those regions, although the Taliban have been searching for ways of opening new fronts in the north. Mr. Rabbani, of the northern Tajik ethnic group, lost his presidency to a Taliban assault a decade ago, but Mr. Azizullah suggested the old commander might now be willing to switch sides."Rabbani is talking about an alliance with the Taliban," he said. "This could help us greatly, give us power in the north."

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