Monday, November 27, 2006

Edmonton PC Votes

Ken Chapman has a breakdown of how the PC leadership vote turned out in Edmonton.

"The Edmonton vote was split up all over the place. Dinning had 5575 in Edmonton and Hancock had 4995. No doubt some Hancock votes will bleed to Dinning. Oberg was third in Edmonton with 3228 and they have no reason to go to Dinning but will bleed some to Morton who had a respectable 2739 total in Edmonton. Norris was fourth in Edmonton with 3125 and Stelmach was only 200 votes behind him at 2925."

And he speculates on how Stelmach could come up the middle. It still think it's a two way race as I have said before. However the anybody but Dinning camp now has Stelmach to back not just Morton, which is why he credits his chances at coming up the middle. Oberg becomes 2nd defeated candidate to back Stelmach in Alberta I remain doubtful.Even though the nubers add up right now if all of Hancock and Obergs votes go to Stelmach, however Oberg is as right wing as Morton, so his votes could split to Morton, they will certainly not go to Dinning. And sore loser Norris has yet to say whom he will support.

Chapman will be doing a breakdown of Calgary later. He also looks at how the candidates MLA backers pulled the vote in thier ridings. Interesting stuff. Chapmans blog is great for straight forward political analysis of the Tories, from a Tory (who claims to be interested in progressive politics, go figure) who supports Hancock.

As I said the biggest losers in this race were Oberg and Norris. Both suffered the delusion that they were contenders.

For Norris he came in fourth in his hometown even as the fairhaired boy of the Edmoton business community and the Edmonton Sun. Fourth.

Hancock whom many pundits wrote off came in a close second in Edmonton, after Dinning. Of course he is a social and fiscal liberal, a Red Tory. This is Redmonton after all where even the Conservatives have to run a Red.

A tip o' the blog to Daveberta


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