Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Am Malcontent

“[The royalty report] has tapped into a pocket of malcontent that nobody knew existed,” said David Yager, chief executive officer of HSE Integrated Ltd., a small energy services company, and a columnist for Oilweek magazine.

That's because the oil elitists and their special interests live in the golden petro towers of Calgary.

Far above the masses on main street.

And I find it interesting he used 'malcontent' rather than what it really is mass discontent with the Tired Old Tories.

Don't Let Big Oil Set Our Royalty Rates
make sure Ed hears from you


Who Will Decide About Royalties

Headline Says It All

Ohhh Pulllleeeaasse

Alberta Needs A Chavez

Albertans Are Simpletons Says Government

Royalty Is NOT A Tax

Fearless Prediction Confirmed


More Shills For Big Oil

Stelmach Sells Out

King Ralph Shills For Big Oil

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