Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Canadian Blue Lemons Closed To The Public Lemon of Canadian Blue Lemon spends his time attacking the Liberals and liberal bias in the media.

Canadian Blue Lemons Brian Lemon Liberal Party::Criticism [27%]

But last weekend he changed his tune and attacked the Harpocrites in Ottawa and their Blogging Tory sycophants.

Now it seems Blogging Tory Canadian Blue Lemons seems to have closed his blog in response to the popularity his comments have garnered from fans amongst Progressive and conservative non-BT Bloggers. Too bad.

This blog is open to invited readers only

Canadian Blue Lemons

It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

Probably because he said this;

"The problem is that the Conservative Party of Canada as it is, is pretty much run by rural, white men as the Reform Party was. Old Reformers that we thought had retired to mansions in Beverly Hills or Phoenix. Men who only ever visit a big city to raise money. I was bothered by claims by two old white farts - Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley - seeming to take credit for Blogging Tories."

Censorship is a terrible thing.

Could the powers that be have sent him a note from the PMO? Or Mr. Flanagan's lawyers? Could the echo chamber on the right have so over reacted that he felt the need to shut down? Inquiring minds want to know.

Lemon of Canadian Blue Lemons has posted some really, really good critiques of the Conservative Party of Canada over the past week or so and judging by the comments he’s getting it’s come as a slap in the face for a few of his loyal readers.

Self censorship is worse, because we will never know why he closed his blog to the public and his new adoring fans. And it's even more ironic when you consider he posted this today.

Blog Flux Site Details Current Rank: 88 (Politics)
Site Description: A forum to express opinions on the thoughts and actions of do-gooder liberal humanists who know all the answers but very few of the questions and know what's best for everyone not having asked anyone.
Date Joined: Oct 24, 2007

Yep self censorship is a terrible thing to behold. So here is the whole of his post courtesy of Google Cache.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lemon: Old Reformers Run Conservative Party

Before I go any further with this, I wish to declare that I am a Conservative and that I am a strong supporter of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I once was a Liberal and when I left the party in 1996 (for what were good reasons), like an ex-smoker, I became a fanatical opponent. In Canada this means I became a Reformer (being a Tory wasn't within the definition of reason at the time). The union of the post-Reform Alliance with the Progressive Conservative Party to create the CPC offered great promise; I could be for responsible, fiscally efficient government but also allow for my belief in living and letting live.

I was okay with this and have been a partisan Tory ever since. Until I opened the book and looked beyond it's cover.

This didn't happen until an election was won, barely, a new campaign was underway and I started looking at the real politics behind the noise. I wondered why the Conservative Party has not gained a national consensus to rule the country in perpetuity. With an incompetent Liberal Party following a corrupt Liberal ruling party, what stopped Canadians from electing 200 or more CPC MPs?

With an outstanding Prime Minister and a spectacular Speech from the Throne I wondered why the public were still reticent to plunk blue signs all over their lawns. Why didn't Canadians embrace the CPC the way I did?

The problem is that the Conservative Party of Canada as it is, is pretty much run by rural, white men as the Reform Party was. Old Reformers that we thought had retired to mansions in Beverly Hills or Phoenix. Men who only ever visit a big city to raise money. I was bothered by claims by two old white farts - Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley - seeming to take credit for Blogging Tories.

I remembered the "Wisdom of the Masses". People can sense a problem without knowing the details.

I checked out the website. There are 18 members of the CPC Council. 18 are white. 3 are women. 3 have French names.

This is the organization that runs the Conservative Party. So much for inclusion.
The President is a plumber from a Manitoba town of 1500 surely honest souls. Another member is a fish monger from BC. Another, seemingly, an eternal Conservative volunteer from Edmonton. A fourth a farmer for 35 years in Saskatchewan. You can check out the rest on your own - many don't have a search result on Google which speaks volumes on its own. There are a handful of people who are big city urban. Providing you only have three fingers on your hand.

Want Proof? Click here. In the CPC Council you are not allowed to not toe the line. Small town Manitoba trumps big city Montreal.

The Campaign Director, Doug Finley, was a former Reformer who is the husband of the MP from Haldimand Norfolk (wherever that is). He was behind the minority that turned into a defeat in 2004 and the majority that turned into a minority in 2006. Reports are out there that reports on Mr. Finley's background in Scotland as a Marxist and a Separatist, and as the searcher for desperate political campaigns in need. He scored big with the new Tories. He was the force behind Garth Turner's expulsion from caucus (which I supported). He was also mentioned in this article in The Post that dealt with bribery allegations in Ottawa. Stories I read lead me to believe that Finley thinks that this is his party and that Stephen Harper is just a tenant.

These are the people behind the crown. Those who decide what policies that the Party should run with and who should be the party's candidates.

And, frankly, this is not a governing Council that I can support.

As a Conservative I expect a party with no hint of behind the scene deals conducted by staff. I expect absolute egalitarianism - acceptance of any member of the Party as an equal. I expect the composition of the Council to fairly represent needs and preferences of all Canadians. I expect inclusion. And this gang ain't it.
It's the same group that was rejected by Canada a few years ago.
Allegations of "Hidden Agendas?" Small wonder with Finley et al in control.


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Cliff said...

Saved from the memory hole...

James Bow said...

You've jumped to conclusions. Though the post in question appears to have been deleted or highly modified, the site is back open to the public.


I didn't jump to conclusions I posted at the time the page was down. So clearly my point that he was engaging in self-censorship was true. As he tried to edit his controversial attack on the reform establishment in the Conservatives. But as posted here we have saved him from himself.

Lemon said...

Thanks for link, Gene (former adversary of note). Just came across this.
I stand behind my comments made last October and November, remain a conservative, but without an affiliation to the Conservative Party of Canada.
I trust their backroom controllers as far as I can push a tractor.
In my opinion, they're stupid and mean and offer no hope for honest conservativism with a hint of egalitarianism and a smidgen of inclusion and any place at all in the big cities.
ps - doesn't mean I'll be swapping spit with Cdn Cynic or Red Tory any time soon...

Lemon said...

Meanwhile Gene - I went down for good a few months ago.
There were just too many targets on all sides of the political spectrum I stopped eating, drinking and doing drugs just trying to keep up with it.
Now I'm an out and out critic of all of them equally.
But since the non-affiliated bloggers are actually left wingers - I ain't got no home...
(trivia - who sang that)