Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Has Gadhafi Been Reading Lyndon LaRouche

It seems that Colonel Gadhafi, who claims not to the Leader of Libya, has been reading Lyndon LaRouche the conspiracy theorist.

During the interview with the BBC, which took place in a restaurant in Tripoli, Gaddafi blamed outsiders for the civil turmoil, adding: "It's al-Qaeda. They went into military bases and siezed arms and terrorised the people.

"The people who had the weapons were youngsters and they're starting to put down their weapons now as the drugs that al-Qaeda gave them wear off."

He previously claimed that al-Qaeda had drugged demonstrators by spiking their "Nescafe".

LaRouche puts some sociopolitical and intellectual movements into the "positive" category and some into the negative. He believes the Reformation militated against the nation-state (and human well-being) while the Renaissance was an inspirational positive. He believes in classical humanism and defines philosophy and philosophers based on their contributions to it. In order to arrive at these conclusions, he has researched the underlying fundaments of what he (and many others) call the Anglo-American axis (or empire) and traced it back to Venetian bankers and even earlier. For LaRouche, Western history is a recitation of Anglo conspiracies that have ever attempted to draw ever-tighter the noose of mercantilist central banking and its torrents of debt-laden fiat money.

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